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The Kennels

Each guest has their own luxury kennel and exclusive outside run.

The kennels are brick built and have tiled floors. They are also centrally heated offering a very comfortable and hygienic living room. The dividers separating the kennels offer privacy from next door. Fresh water is always available and we can provide beds, bedding and toys although you are welcome to bring your own.

From the living area, your dog can access their own exclusive outside run through a small doorway, the outside run has a concrete floor and is covered to protect against rain.

Entertainment is provided throughout the day, including music and cuddles (in room) or guided walks, Regular fun runs, Football,  Frisbee and hole digging competitions* are just a few of the events held (weather permitting) throughout the day in the large gardens.. Or for those wishing to take it easy, why not take a stroll through our small wood

 or sunbathe in the garden, blankets and sunglasses are provided (subject to availability)
*We will need your permission before they are allowed to enter hole digging competitions.

Donít worry about them having fun and getting too dirty, as we offer a going home bath as one of our services.

Although we want our guests to have as much fun as possible, they will only play with staff members and will not interact with other guests, unless they are all from the same family.

Meal times are a delight, with a variety of culinary dishes on offer. If your little one has a delicate stomach or prefers the taste of home, you are quite welcome to leave some of your regular food with us. Unless you advise us otherwise we like to be able to give treats throughout the day.

Please donít worry if they are on a diet or in need of medication, as we can administer these for you. We welcome all of our guests including the young, the elderly and those requiring medication.

All guests are insured throughout their stay and we have vets on 24 hour call in the unlikely event they are needed.

All we ask of you is that your petís inoculations are up to date and you bring their vaccination Passport with them. This is compulsory and will be required for each stay. Vaccination against Kennel Cough is not compulsory. (Whatís Kennel Cough?)

Please feel free to ask any questions and we welcome you, in fact encourage you to come and meet us and view all the facilities.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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